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Moving a piano or precious antiques?

These items require experienced movers who have the tools and supplies necessary to guarantee a safe delivery of your item. In many instances there are special fees associated with each move, as well as moving minimums since its generally one or two items you’re moving. However, the safety and assurance you get with an experienced Little Rock mover far outweighs the cost. Piano moves, antique moves and pool table moves are intricate.

So, when you call and get a quote for your piano move, make sure you make them aware of the type of piano (i.e. spinet, upright, baby grand, grand etc) you’re moving. With your antiques specify the type and shape so they can determine if crating in addition to quilt pad wrapping is necessary. Also if you’re moving a pool table, note if its regulation size. All of this information is crucial to receiving an accurate moving quote. Location of the item is essential as well. Is the item being moved from the second or first floor? This information helps your Little Rock mover determine the number of men for the moving crew and equipment needed to ensure a successful loading and unloading. Note some items may require harnessing to certain areas. However, some Little Rock moving companies have stipulations due to liability issues. A good Little Rock moving company will work out the best arrangement with the best rate and maximum protection of your valuables.

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