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Avoiding Moving Day Woes

In a not-so-perfect world, worst case scenarios are bound to happen. This is the last thing you want to think about when you’re looking to hire professional movers, but should be kept in the forefront of your thoughts just in case things go south. Worst case scenarios happen to the best of us; just ask Tiger Woods. If you’ve experienced moving day woes before, you should have an idea of some of the worst case scenarios that are possible. Here is some food for thought for anybody soon to plan a move in Little Rock.

    Even if you have hired a trustworthy mover, you might be moving right after another customer who didn’t plan their move very well, and who inadvertently caused your mover to spend a considerable amount of time moving which they didn’t previously foresee. If you didn’t plan very well, your most professional movers will always roll with the punches and make sure your move is completed, which causes late arrivals on later moves that day. Your mover may have super strength, but they don’t have super powers necessary to freeze or slow down time. The best way to prepare for a move date, regardless of a possible late arrival, is to do everything that you can to speed up the move once your movers arrive. Disassemble furniture, organize boxes and smaller furniture into one area, label boxes, these are just a few ways to get the ball rolling before your movers finish the job. Though you may have a full service mover on the job, you could require a lot of time that you also will have to pay for if you don’t do anything to prepare your home for your moving date.
    There are some items that are not only difficult to move, but also uncommon. It is extremely important to discuss such items in great detail with your mover before you hire anybody. Your mover moves grandfather clocks on a daily basis, but your grandfather clock is made of marble and you failed to mention this when you had your mover on the phone. Or maybe you are moving 2 king sized beds, which you forgot to mention are water beds and will still be filled with liquid on your move date. Your mover cannot predict the future, and if you don’t give your moving company detailed information on your belongings your move will be dramatically different than what you were told over the phone.
    Moving is nowhere near as simple as you’d like it to be. Specifics regarding dates and such are almost always up in the air until everything is finally finished and your move is complete. Relocation specialists aim to be as flexible as possible when it comes to fluctuating schedules. More than likely, if you plan to move on a particular day and ultimately have to move on another date, your mover can still accommodate you. However; if you find out the day before the last Saturday in July that your move date will have to fall on that day, you are likely going to be faced with higher priced rates than you originally were quoted. Touch base with your Little Rock area mover frequently if your moving date may change. You may even go as far as to schedule your move in advance for a date that will be busy, so that you are prepared for the worst and left with more open availability should your move date change.

Once the worst case scenario has begun to unravel, panicking will get you nowhere; so plan strategically for your move. Think about every nook and cranny of your home, every variable of your move, seek out every worst case scenario and plan for them. Your Little Rock moving professionals are there for you but need your help too so that the best possible moving experience is achieved on your moving date!

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