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Oprah Moving Off the Air

The iconic Oprah Winfrey will have her final show next month, a day many thought would never come –your Little Rock movers included. It has been reported that the final Oprah show will allow advertisers to purchase thirty second ad spots for a whopping one million dollars each! The price tag for the ad time seems steep, but likely well worth the hefty cost; the quantity and caliber of the final Oprah show’s audience will ensure participating advertisers an even more valuable return on their investments.

Smart consumers shop for quality when seeking new products or services. Sometimes the temptation to settle for less arises as low quality purchases are also low in cost. However; low cost/low quality purchases often result in additional needed purchases when the original purchase doesn’t cut the cake. In the moving industry, we see examples of this you-get-what-you-pay-for concept every single day! Many people who are moving in Little Rock hire the cheapest movers expecting to have an affordable AND efficient move. After one disastrous experience with a cheap mover, most people learn their lesson and book their move with truly professional relocation experts in Little Rock like us!

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