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All My Sons can Help with your Kids move!

This essential guide will show you how to move your children.

Toys need moving too!

  • Tell Your Children Immediately- The longer you wait the less time they will have to adjust to the fact that they are moving. Now is the best time to inform them of the move. If you have a little trouble breaking the news, don’t worry, they will understand.
  • Ask Them to Help- If you give them easy to understand tasks, like packing their own toys, helping siblings, ect. They will be more likely to cooperate with the move. It gives them a feeling of involvement that’s really important.
  • Be Upbeat- If possible, show them around the new neighborhood, give them positive examples of what’s to do. Is there a skating rink nearby? A trail they can bicycle on? Perhaps a community center is opening in the neighborhood. Things to do will really change a child’s outlook on the living situation.
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