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Moving? Want to Make Some Cash on Old Tech?

Technology practically evolves at the speed of light. Gadgets that used to push the envelope years ago make excellent paper weights today! Everybody loves getting new gadgets, but what do you do with tech you no longer use? A common dilemma encountered while moving is deciding what to do with obsolete gadgets and gizmos; purging is smart while preparing for your move, but can you really just throw old tech away? Your Little Rock mover knows that throwing out your favorite devices of yesteryear can be tough, but if you won’t be using them anymore there is a pretty cool solution! offers a service to help you rid yourself of out-of-date technology. They send you a box for you to ship unwanted gadgets in, and they pay you for letting them take it off your hands. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and you can cash in! Definitely something to consider for anybody who is moving out soon!

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