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Bright Minds Come From Arkansas

Education has always been important to Arkansas families, but this is a good time for us to be proud. Governor Beebe recently held a summit on job creation, focusing on the future of little rock. He applauded the efforts of U of A Community College in Monticello among others for creating programs to prepare Arkansas students for the realities of the job market.

In addition to the college level applause here at home, there’s much to be proud of because of one high school student’s efforts being recognized on the national stage. Carl Richmond of Mills High School is a smart guy. Part of the Scholars Program, a program for very gifted students, he scored extremely highly on the PSAT. Because of his achievement, Carl became eligible to compete in the National Merit Scholarship Program. As can be expected, Carl’s achievement led him to become a semi-finalist. While the final results are to come, we at All My Sons Moving & Storage wish him the best of luck.

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