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Your Little Rock Professional Movers are pleased by the news of the unemployment rate falling to 7.2% in Arkansas. This is only a 0.1% drop from May, but it is still positive for the Arkansas economy. Arkansas’ unemployment rate beats the national unemployment rate by an entire percentage point. However even the national average is […]

Technology practically evolves at the speed of light. Gadgets that used to push the envelope years ago make excellent paper weights today! Everybody loves getting new gadgets, but what do you do with tech you no longer use? A common dilemma encountered while moving is deciding what to do with obsolete gadgets and gizmos; purging […]

Good news for environmentalists and also for anybody who likes the idea of extremely low cost-per-day of driving a vehicle in Little Rock. Arkansas car dealerships will soon offer Chevy Volts for sale, the average cost of operation being about one dollar! In addition to the new cars, Arkansas residents will be seeing more charging […]

There are many instances for home owners and renters alike where leaks can occur in or around your dwelling. There are various solutions for leak-related problems in the home which can be put into play, but bigger leaks are not so easy to remedy. Your Little Rock mover here was watching television yesterday evening, relaxing […]

Among the many reasons you have for choosing to hire professional Little Rock movers, convenience is surely one of them. Hiring movers is not something you likely do very often, so there is a chance that you might hire the wrong guys for the job. Your Little Rock movers here want you to have a […]

After moving into a new home, it isn’t long before you start to notice things that you missed when you were first shown around the house. Houses are not indestructible, so a little wear and tear is inevitable over time. However; there are a lot of common household fixes that are quick and easy to […]

There are plenty of advantages to having plants in your home which make it worth whatever hassle may arise for those who don’t exactly have a natural green thumb. There are several plants which are ideal for beginner gardeners, which could be the start of a new passion for all you know. Plants have been […]

We’ve all been there; the classic roommate rent battle. You both live under the same roof but over time -during which much frustration is bottled up- it often becomes impossible to agree on what is fair when it comes to who should pay what… Until now! Your Little Rock mover here has stumbled upon a […]

Apartment living is interesting. Many young adults kick off their newborn independence by signing an apartment lease and haphazardly packing a friend’s pick up truck with hand-me-down furniture and boxes of the few other belongings they have. Moving to your first place can be a thrilling venture, but can be overwhelming as you learn the […]

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In a not-so-perfect world, worst case scenarios are bound to happen. This is the last thing you want to think about when you’re looking to hire professional movers, but should be kept in the forefront of your thoughts just in case things go south. Worst case scenarios happen to the best of us; just ask […]