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Education has always been important to Arkansas families, but this is a good time for us to be proud. Governor Beebe recently held a summit on job creation, focusing on the future of little rock. He applauded the efforts of U of A Community College in Monticello among others for creating programs to prepare Arkansas students for the realities of the job market.

In addition to the college level applause here at home, there’s much to be proud of because of one high school student’s efforts being recognized on the national stage. Carl Richmond of Mills High School is a smart guy. Part of the Scholars Program, a program for very gifted students, he scored extremely highly on the PSAT. Because of his achievement, Carl became eligible to compete in the National Merit Scholarship Program. As can be expected, Carl’s achievement led him to become a semi-finalist. While the final results are to come, we at All My Sons Moving & Storage wish him the best of luck.

The first and only Outlet Mall in the state of Arkansas is set to open in the summer of 2015 in Little Rock. A 30 acre plot of land at the Gateway Town Center has been purchased by New England Development(NED) and they have already began to prepare the land for construction. Currently they are clearing trees, preparing drainage lines, and setting up utilities as well. Actual building construction is set to begin in August of 2014. CDI Contractors LLC of Little Rock have been hired to oversee the construction process.

The Outlets at Little Rock will house around 75 stores, and bring in 1,000 new jobs into the area. New England Development has yet to mention any specific store that will be in these outlets, but future customers can expect a vast amount of options. The outlets will also have a food court and a variety of sit down and fast casual dining establishments. New England Development hopes that the mall will be more of a destination, where people can spend a good amount of time at, rather then running in and out.

Due to its location, the development group is very optimistic about the success of the new outlet mall. There is currently a Bass Pro Shop in the Gateway Town Center which draws a large amount of customers to the shopping center. The mall will also be positioned at the intersection of two highways, I-30 and I-430, and NED feels that this location will pull in great foot traffic for the outlets.

Although the Outlets at Little Rock are the first and only outlets in Arkansas, it reflects a new trend in the retail industry. Many companies are moving towards an emphasis on outlets, because it allows them to provide a product for all customers at multiple price levels.


Your Little Rock Professional Movers are pleased by the news of the unemployment rate falling to 7.2% in Arkansas. This is only a 0.1% drop from May, but it is still positive for the Arkansas economy. Arkansas’ unemployment rate beats the national unemployment rate by an entire percentage point. However even the national average is down by 0.9% from last June. The majority of jobs came from seasonal work, but your Little Rock relocation specialists remain optimistic as the unemployment rates drop both in Arkansas and the entire country.

After reviewing recent data relating to home-sales in Arkansas, your Little Rock relocation specialists can tell that we are in for a killer summer moving season! Not only have first-quarter home sales in Arkansas increased (up 6% from last year), the average price of those homes has been noted as three percent higher than last year as well! People are moving in Little Rock, and moving on up at that! Your Little Rock moving professionals are looking forward to a great moving season! We may not see another moving season like this year’s as experts report that buyers tend to be looking for the perfect home ie: to move for good! Your Little Rock residential movers don’t blame you, home-buyers!

Former President Bill Clinton announced yesterday that he will be donating two dollars for every one dollar that is donated to the Clinton Foundation through Saturday. That means that there is still time for those who want to make a contribution that really counts to do so. The Clinton Foundation is a great one if you ask your Little Rock local moving professionals. Donations to the Clinton Foundation go toward helping individuals and organizations in need. Among other efforts, donated funds are responsible for improved medical treatment for people in need, as well as for helping small local businesses gain foundation in developing markets. Your family owned and operated moving company here once started out as a small and localized business, so the Clinton Foundation’s efforts speak volumes to yours truly here! Our thanks go out (as do plenty more) to President Clinton for his generosity during the holidays, as well as to all Little Rock locals who will be contributing to the Clinton cause!

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has gained national recognition in little more than two months, and though the Occupy protests are of controversial subject matter, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations has recently donated one thousand dollars to the Occupy Little Rock division of the nationwide faction. Your Little Rock movers were surprised to read the news, but the AFL-CIO did provide donations so that Occupy Little Rock participants may prepare for the impending winter weather. Funds will provide supplies such as propane for cooking, as well as wooden crate pallets which will be utilized to lift tents up off of the ground as flooding from rainy weather is a concern to Occupiers. Keep these many factors in mind if you plan on moving into a tent soon to join the other Occupiers.

While synonymous with both fear and fright, even on Halloween the two don’t always go hand-in-hand. For kids, dressing up in costumes, collecting candy, and getting scared at haunted houses and elsewhere can be a ton of fun! However, for parents the scariest aspect relating to Halloween is often related to the safety of our little trick-or-treaters. The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded the rather shocking statistic that 84 percent of pedestrian deaths happened because of trick-or-treaters jaywalking on Halloween night. The truth is stunning and awful, but we must keep these statistics in mind at all times to ensure the safety of our little ghosts and goblins out trick-or-treating tonight. Safety is second nature to your Little Rock professional moving company’s crewmembers, so naturally we have a few tips in mind for any parent of tonight’s trick-or-treaters! Let’s make it a happy Halloween by making it a safe night!

This weekend, Little Rock locals will enjoy live music, fun activities, and most of all food, at the city’s first Food Truck Festival. Mobile food vendors such as Green Cuisine and Hot Dog Mike will sell delicious food for the festival on Saturday the first of October. Arts and crafts booths will provide fun activities for families to enjoy together and the live music will last all day. Your Little Rock mover here thinks Saturday’s Food Truck Festival sounds like a lot of fun!

Technology practically evolves at the speed of light. Gadgets that used to push the envelope years ago make excellent paper weights today! Everybody loves getting new gadgets, but what do you do with tech you no longer use? A common dilemma encountered while moving is deciding what to do with obsolete gadgets and gizmos; purging is smart while preparing for your move, but can you really just throw old tech away? Your Little Rock mover knows that throwing out your favorite devices of yesteryear can be tough, but if you won’t be using them anymore there is a pretty cool solution! offers a service to help you rid yourself of out-of-date technology. They send you a box for you to ship unwanted gadgets in, and they pay you for letting them take it off your hands. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and you can cash in! Definitely something to consider for anybody who is moving out soon!

Good news for environmentalists and also for anybody who likes the idea of extremely low cost-per-day of driving a vehicle in Little Rock. Arkansas car dealerships will soon offer Chevy Volts for sale, the average cost of operation being about one dollar! In addition to the new cars, Arkansas residents will be seeing more charging stations popping up in the future as well. The Clinton Presidential Center already has a free charging station provided by Entergy. Your Little Rock mover here can’t wait until electric moving trucks are unveiled, fuel costs can be a real pain when you are on the road as much as a professional mover!